Hello Lovelies!
If you're like me and love painting your nails you might have come across this problem: stained nails.
It has nothing to do with smoking but more with the amount or color of polish you wear. I don't smoke and never will and yet my nails where yellow because of my red polish!

There are some tips and tricks out there but one of the best is nail whitener. Here are some of my faves:

Let me know YOUR favorite nail whitener! :)



This is a lifting foundation with gold particles in! Also it's supposed to moisturize your skin and I think that's especially good for winter! :) 26,95 € 

I'm so sorry that you can't really see that blush. This is all I got :( You can buy it for 19,95 €



This is a "all in one" mascara that's supposed to give you volume and to give you some separation! 13,95 €

This is a box for up to 23 Artdeco shadows! 9,99 €

olden violin | port royal | elegant taupe | sahara sand

I would love to have "sahara sand" as a crease color! It would fit perfectly :) 4,95 € each.

forbidden forest | orchestra rose

These two are so gorgeous as well. You can do some amazing fall looks with this :) 6,95 € each.

deer lord | rock, paper, scissors 

I love that name "deer lord" hahaha cause I actually say that a lot! 6,95 € each! 



I used up this Alverde conditioner which I loved. It's cruelty free and vegan and smells soooo good! Made my hair really soft. Next to it are some cotton pads an a Balea pore strip :)

I used up a whole package of the Skin, Hair and Nails pills and they did  a good job. My hair felt softer and I think it even grew a bit faster :P Next to it again a Balea strip and a razor :)

On the left is a hair oil by L'Oreal which I bought 2 (!) years ago. I only used it on my ends to prevent them from splitting at it did a nice job! Also, it smelled amazing. Then we have a concealer by Alverde (my fave) of which I already have back ups of! And an eye make up remover by Balea, my fave too!