So according to very.co.uk one of the biggest must-haves and trends this summer is safari. Now not only the crazy animal print but also some beige, brown and other neutrals! Since I got this tip from very.co.uk I thought I could check out their website and see if I can find some good picks. Well here we go:

I'm in love with these "Petite Combat Cropped Trousers" in beige (you'll also have black, brown and khaki, depending on what you like most!) since you can style it with pretty much everything. Plus if you don't want to show too much legs and skin this is a really good tip from me. And as you can see it is currently on sale so: buy it! :)

You can always use a small purse right? And you can never have enough of them. This is the "Tyra fashion clutch" in brown. And yes it is a clutch so don't expect to put a lot in it. I can see myself bringing it with me to parties, for a walk or just whenever I don't want to take a lot with me. And again: It is on sale so maybe check it out :)

Of course I had to put some animal print in this post - sorry :D. But I chose something that you can combine with a lot of colors (blue, white, black etc). It is the "Lipsy Animal Print Midi Skirt" and like I said it'd would match perfectly with a simple tank top or something a bit more fancy. You don't need a lot of glamour because this skirt stands out no matter what. 

Speaking of normal tank tops: You always need some in different colors. They combine with pretty much everything (jeans, skirts, in summer, fall, spring etc).  I chose the "South Rib West" in khaki but you can also find black, pink, grey, white and blue (ha see, you should always buy a lot of colors!). To me this is not only a summer must-have but a all time must-have. :)

I want want want this "Summer Parka" in khaki. I mean just look at it! It's gorgeous. Summer parkas are always good when there's a light summer breeze coming but you don't want to put your thick winter jacket on. And as you can see in the picture you can wear it with hot pants but also with shorts, jeans, skirts etc. Definitely a must-have!

Last but not least I thought I could show you some jewelry. This is the only necklace I found that would match the whole "safari theme". It is the "9 Carat Yellow Gold Personalized St. Christopher Pendant". I think gold is always good when you wear natural / green colors. If you like big statement necklaces more than tiny ones you can definitely wear them as well! :)

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