Hey Lovelies! I recently got in touch with Mallzee (hi to Laura!). I really enjoy it so far so I thought I could give you a review on it.

What is Mallzee? Well it is your personal shopper that you can put in your pocket and take it everywhere you want to! 
It is an app that you can download for free (yay! for that) and it's really easy to handle. You just have to log in and soon you can sweep through a bunch of clothes including your favorite brands like Accessorize, TopShop or Asos!

How does it work? You basically can either choose your favorite brand or just check out the "new in" section so you see every update on any brand. If you don't like an item you only wipe do the left and it will be ignored. If you love item on the other hand you wipe to the right and it will be saved to your favorites.

As soon as you found your favorite piece you can buy it directly from the store. It seems very easy but I haven't tried it out yet. The app is really easy to handle and brings you a lot of fun and new favorite items.

Tell me, have you tried it out already? Do you like it? :) If not you can download the latest version HERE ! 

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