I don't know if that product is new or not but I recently discovered it at H&M. Basically it is an eyeshadow and an eyeliner. 2 in 1 which I thought was a good idea! :)

It also comes with a brush and I was really surprised to see it. It already looks black and at first I thought that someone already used it. But it is tiny and you could totally put it in your travel bag.

You'll get a duo eyeshadow: one in black and one in silver. The black is matte and the silver one has a bit of shine to it. Now unfortunately the silver looks way better on the picture because in reality you can't even see it. Also the black is not a real deep black but more of a "smudging / smokey eye" black. Plus I can remove it with a baby wipe. I think that says all about it right? It doesn't stay on and that's sad.

The liner looked dry from the beginning. Plus you have to dig in really hard to get some out. I noticed after using it for a while that it hurt my eyes and that they were red and irritated by it. 

This was definitely not a good product for me - unfortunately. have you tried this one out? Did you like it? :) 

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