Hey Lovelies!
I just got an E-mail from Artdeco telling me that they'll come up with a new collection called "Glam, Moon & Stars" so I thought I could show you the products :) Let's go:

pearl raspberry / pearl mysterious red / pearl baby pink

As you can see they come out with some new lipstick shades. I personally like the last one most but it's of course up to you which one you'd like to buy :) You can get them for 13,80 €

A blush called "Moonlight Blusher" and it apparently has some light shimmer to it. So it's a 2-in-1 since you can use it as a blush & highlighter. 19,50 € 

To match the blush you will be able to get a blush brush as well :) 10,80 €

bordeaux glass / glamorous nighttime / platinum sparks / disco sparks / baby sparks / moonlight sparks

Look as these gorgeous glitter nail polishes! You know I am not a big fan of glitter but they might be worth a try :) Oh and the blue one definitely needs a place in my collection! 6,80 € each.

An eyeshadow base that you can use on a daily basis. It's always good to have one so that your shadow stays in place and doesn't smudge :) 6,80 €

evening star / violet sky / baby sparks / polar star / glimmer of light / brilliant teak / glamorous meteor / grey glitz

These shadows simply look amazing. They all look shimmery and I need to get my hands on these. I'm looking forward to see if they look as gorgeous in real life as in the pics! 6,80 €

glam star kiss / glam star baby pink / glam star juice

What would a new collection be without some new lipgloss? These look really shimmery so I don't know if they're something for me. But the middle one does look nice :) 11,80€

silver / silvered teak

 Some glitter liquid eyeliner that might be worth a look (could be nice for a Christmas look?) 10,80 €

"Moonlight Dust" which is a glitter powder that has a light scent to it. Seems like a pretty nice idea but I personally don't know what to do with it? 14,95 €

brown / moonlight

Well this is a glitter cream for face & body. Again same with these... how would you use them? For a sparkly vampire look (Edward Cullen)? 9,50 €

Last but not least a beautybox that keeps your eyeshadows in place. The design is cute and the price is good as well :) 8,95 €

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