Hey Lovelies!
I just received an e-mail from essence showing me all their new stuff :) They have tons of amazing products and I'd like to share them with you:

wearing only a smile | porcelain doll | come naturally | it's nude time! | cool nude

Holy satan. You know how much I adore nude lip sticks right? Now look at these perfect colors! They're apparently really creamy and I can't wait to get my hands on one or two :)

vanilla sugar | cake pop | crème brûlée | sweet like chocolate | my favorite tauping | coffee bean

Okay even though I think you could have put all of them together in a palette (can you imagine it?) the shadows all look great. If you buy all of them (and I'm not telling you you should but only if you want to) you can come up with TONS of looks :)

walk on the white side | i nude it | i'm lost in you | cupcake topping | pure soul | baby doll | hope for love | crunchy cake | you're so beautiful | nude sweet nude | nude, dos, tres ! | it's nude, dude!

I love all the "pure nude" ones. I don't really like shimmer / glitter polishes as you may know.  I will definitely keep an eye on them :)

Apparently this mascara is something like the "falsies" one from Maybelline? It's supposed to give you amazing lashes and give you a "false lash effect".

Essence will also have these cute pink brushes: a giant eyeshadow applicator, a concealer brush and a lip brush. I own quite a few brushes from them and the quality is quite good - for a cheap price.

sunshine | sunset

As you can see this is not from the nude collection but they're some new colors. I have to say: sunset looks nice.

ready for red | sweetheart | yummy berry | peach beauty | lovely frappuccino | a girl's dream | plum cake | girl next door | purely me!

Like I already stated in my Artdeco post: lipliners are always great to have. They prevent your lipstick from moving and you can use it all over your lips (basically as a lipstick)

What are your favorite products from the new products? :)

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