Hey Lovelies!
Today I have another first peek at a new Artdeco collection. Given the fact we have spring and the weather is getting nicer this collection is called "Here comes the sun". I personally think it's a gorgeous one but I let you get your own opinion. :) 

couture beach life | couture summer breeze | couture sun-kissed

I adore the last one to be honest. They totally match the theme and you can get them for 8,50 € 

beach walk | beach party

I know you're probably still pale white like me but you want to add a little bit of bronze, right? Well you can get to different shades. I don't know how opaque they are but the pictures already look nice! One will cost 16,95 €

This is something I am really excited about: a Khol Kajal. I've been watching beauty videos on youtube since I think 2009. I saw tons of people / gurus using one like this and I always wondered how it would work. This is definitely worth a second look. You can get it for 12,95 €

sand | sun tan | desert sun

This is something for my fake tanning girls! It's basically a spray on leg foundation which helps you get nice and tanned legs. Now I don't now if you can use it on your arms as well but if you think about it: what's good for your legs might be good for your arms too :) One can will cost 19,50 €

Oh my God. Look at this gorgeous blush! The colors seem nice and I feel like it would match every skin color. I like the fact that you basically have "3 colors in 1" :) It costs 18,95 €

coconut | sand beach | blazing sun | sun bath

You guys know I am a sucker for nude eyeshadows. Hallelujah. They have a slight pearl effect which makes me love them a little more. Each of them will cost 8,95 €

Now this is another 2-in-1 product :) It gives you a nice glow AND it bronzes the area you apply it. Might work easier for you if you're not good at applying powder bronzer :) The bottle will retail for 17,95 €

glossy sunrise | glossy sunset

Aaaand last but not least: some lipgloss! I like both colors and just hope they don't have shimmer in it! One of them will cost 9,95 €

Which is your favorite of the new products? :)

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