We start of the month with some stables: A razor and cotton pads! Will always repurchase them. Next to it is a shower gel from Palmolive called "Aroma Therapy" the smells was nice but I probably won't repurchase it! And my all time favorite shampoo: head & shoulders. It smells amazing and makes my hair look great :)

(Can you tell I love Nivea?) A travel size hair spray by Nivea. I liked it but it didn't really give my a strong hold. Next to it is a deodorant which I absolutely adore. "Fresh Natural" by Nivea as well. My armpits stayed dry and the smell was quite refreshing! And the "My Burberry" body mist is technically not empty but I just can't get anything out of it. It's not spraying properly - and I wasn't a big fan of it either - so I throw it away.

Another razor :) (I feel like I post a lot of these) Nothing special but I like using them. Next to it is one of my fave mascaras. It's called Seduction Code and is by Astor! In the middle we have some anti hay fever stuff: eyedrops and nasal salt. I swear I wouldn't have a good day without them! And on the far right is another shower gel with a blueberry scent!

I got this organic surge shampoo at TK Maxx! I absolutely adored it. It made my hair so clean and good looking, will definitely repurchase it :) Some Nivea strips - you know the deal ;) And a chapstick by Labello. Love the Labello ones, I've been using them for years :)

This Nivea "beauty care" shampoo is a sample that has been in my collection for years! I went through it and figured I could give it a go :) It made my hair good looking and soft. If they still have the full size one I will probably buy it! Next to it is another razor. And my "The Colossal Volum' Express" mascara by Maybelline. It's actually not empty but it dried and turned bad. My eyes were hurting afterwards :(

I used up this eye make up remover by Maybelline. This one is for waterproof make up and even though and I don't wear waterproof stuff this one seems to work best for me :) Next to it is a concealer by Maybelline as well. At first I didn't like it since it was too dark for me (given the fact I am pale white). But I made it work over the past few months including some foundation, powder and a beauty blender. Underneath is a can of the regular Nivea cream. This is seriously my favorite thing ever. And some normal mouthwash again. This one is by Odol Med 3 and it worked quite fine :)

Last pic of the month ;) Well another deodorant by Dove. This one is in "cucumber and green tea". It smelled nice but did not really help to keep my armpits dry. Then I have two perfume samples: one by Guerlain and one by Kenzo. I loved the Kenzo one and might purchase the full size (once I use up the 10 other perfumes I have...). Some normal Nivea clear-up strips. I think you know the deal ;) Same with the cotton pads - will always repurchase! And I finally used up a nail polish by Sally Hansen. Now I know it's not fully empty but I can't get anything out of it anymore plus it starts to get sticky. This was called "Shell we dance" and it was almost a white color.

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