Okay don't laugh at me guys: Sometimes I grocery shopping and buy stuff just in order to give reviews!

These products were buys like this as well. I saw them and thought "well you haven't use a Nivea shampoo for the longest time so maybe try it" and what can I tell you? I LOVED it!

It is a "hydro care" so that means it will nourish you hair and make it smooth. Plus I don't need to use dry shampoo that often. Wait let me explain:

I only wash my hair every other day. So for example when I wash it on Monday I will wash it again on Wednesday. So far so good. Before I used the Nivea shampoo I had to use a dry shampoo on Tuesday because my hair was greasy as hell. With this thing I only have to use dry shampoo on Wednesday morning IF I leave the house.

Anyway long story short: It really cleans my scalp and absorbs the greasy-ness. I can totally recommend this :)

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