[Review] DRY OIL by NUXE

I got this cute sample size at our local pharmacy. It was a "Happy New Year" gift and it took me quite long to finish it.

I never heard anything of "Nuxe" until I got this oil so I was really excited to try it out. It's a multi purpose oil and you can use in on your body, face and hair. Now I haven't tried it on my hair BUT I think I can give you a fair review :)

First off the smell is AMAZING. It's really settled yet it stays on your skin. Up next I have to tell you: it soaks in to your body after a few minutes. You might think an oil takes forever but not with this. 

Last but not least it makes you skin look and feel great. My skin was smooth and looked radiant. I can highly recommend this to you :) (Unfortunately I don't know the full size price for it :( )

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