[Review] ÖL-LA-LA by GOT2B

I just recently started using hair oil. I never thought I needed it since I already have a huge (well for me) hair routine - shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and heat protectant. This got2b styling oil was really cheap and I loved the little pump it has on top. Well... sold!

One thing I noticed directly was that it smells amazing. Really fresh and the smells also stays in your hair for quite a while. This is how I used it: since I only wash my hair every other day (yay for this) I use it on second day hair and ONLY on my ends. I'm not really sure if I should put it in from roots to ends since my scalp is already a bit oily.

It lasted me for quite a while - almost a year. 1 and a half pump were enough for me and it made my ends shiny and good looking (I never had to deal with split ends since I used this!)

What hair oil do you use? And how? :)

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