I used up a shower gel by Tahiti with pomegranate! It smelled really yummy but the bottle didn't last a long time :( Next to it is something I am really proud of: a bronzer. It's by essence and I got it on clearance for 0,95 € :D It was beautiful, not too dark and had a slight shimmer in! On the far right is a deodorant by Nivea. I am so happy it's gone cause I didn't like it at all. Thank God there were only 2-3 uses left.

Some plain normal stuff: a razor, my Nivea strips & nasal salt. All staples that I'd totally repurchase :) On the right is something I HATED. It's the ever so loved Instant Age Rewind concealer by Maybelline. It was the lightest shade and STILL too dark for me. So I tried to mix it with a bit of bronzer to get it darker and actually use it as a bronzer. Nope didn't work out either. Happy it's gone!

Oh how I love this Listerine mouthwash! It definitely makes my mouth feel clean. Next to it is the Regenerating Night Cream by Nivea! Loved the way it smelled and how fast it soaked into my skin. Might repurchase it :) Some nasal salt again (I was really sick this month so that's why :D) Oh and my loved bebe peeling. So gentle and nice would definitely repurchase it.

I dyed my hair this month. It was the color "raspberry cupcake" my L'oreal. This is the conditioner that came with it and oh it's so yummy! Smells amazing but did not really work on my hair. In fact it was sooo dry afterwards. It's been a while since I used up a perfume. This is Diesel fuel for life and was amazing. I got so many compliments on it and would definitely repurchase it! Next to it a shaving gel. Did not really like it.

Got this eyeliner by Basic I think like 5 years ago. It was a nude color and I basically used it as an eyeshadow base. Next to it some plain normal cotton pads. And a Rexona deodrant. It worked amazing and I would definitely repurchase it (I kind off like the sticks better than the spray deodorants..)

Another deodorant! Clear pure by Rexona. I don't like spray ones so I basically used it to freshen up the air, haha. Next to it my new holy grail mascara: Miss Manga by L'Oreal. It made my lashes look so good even though the wand itself is weird (it bends left & right). I will do a review on it :) And another eye make up remover by L'Oreal. It's the waterproof version and I adore it - I already have two back ups :D 

Some staples - as usual. A razor and some more Nivea strips. Next to it is a Limited Edition shower gel by Balea. It's supposed to smell like pineapple & coconut even though it smells only like pineapple.

Shampoo & Conditioner by Dessange. Love these and will give you an in-depth review later on :) I also used another razor which I didn't picture in here :)

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