I used up my Bourjois lipstick. It actually wasn't empty at all but it had a weird texture on it. So I went to wipe it off and the whole product fell out. Oops :D Next to it is a travel size deodorant, didn't like it at all. And another shaving gel.

Three staples: nose strips, cotton pads & a razor. And a sample form the Sephora body butter. It was okay but nothing special :)

Labello "Velvet Rose" chapstick. I like it and also the fact that it gives you a bit of color. Underneath is a perfume sample by Mango. LOVED IT! And I finally used up my sunscreen. What can I say? It's sunscreen :)

Two more perfume samples: one by Azzarro which I didn't like at all and the other one is by Karl Lagerfeld. That one was okay. Some wet wipes: used them to clean my brushes :D And another deodorant. It's my second last spray deo and I'm happy when they're all gone :)

Nutri-Gloss shampoo by L'Oreal. It was actually quite nice but it did itch a bit on my scalp. Probably won't repurchase this. Next to it is a Sephora sheet mask in "Honey". It was very refreshing but I did get some break outs from it :( And on the far right is my Aussie dry shampoo. It was nice but didn't really wow me :(

Another showergel by Sunlight. It smelled nicely but during fall / winter I am not a big fan of shower milks. Next to it is an OPI nail polish called "Suzi takes the wheel". It technically not entirely empty but it's not enough for another application :) And my Listerine Zero mouth wash. I prefer the "real" one over the Zero one :)

A shaving gel by Williams. Not really a fan of these so I am using them up back-to-back. Wouldn't repurchase. Another perfume sample by Givenchy called "Shalimar". It was nice and fruity but wouldn't purchase the full size :/. Last but not least for this month: my Mavala nail polish in "Smily Orange". It's nice but you need two coats to make it opaque.

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