So I am always on the hunt for a nice volumizing mascara since my lashes are quite flat / not good looking. I was actually happy when I found this one by Maybelline because it was cheaper than for example the Miss Manga one.

I used it completely up (well not really but it dried out and there wasn't a lot left) so I think I can give you a good review on it.

It gives me no volume at all. Full stop. Even with curling my lashes they were soon and fast back in their normal, lifeless position. But I have to tell you that it's separating them nicely.

Also it was already a bit dry to start off with which I have absolutely no problem with. I feel like clumpy / dry mascara gives me a better look. 

So if you're not really looking for a lot of volume I can recommend this to you. But honestly, the name is really deceiving. :(

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