I used up my "the raspberry kiss" body lotion by Treacle Moon. I knot it's technically not completely empty but I can't get anymore out of it. The smell was okay but nothing special. Next to it is a Gilette razor which I actually really liked! Will repurchase. And a cream bath by Grace & Charmes in "Warm Vanilla". Did not like it at all.

Finally used up my Bulgari perfume. It was nice and definitely my go-to perfume once I have no idea what else I want (like when people want to buy you a perfume for birthdays / christmas etc). I used the baby wipes for basically everything: cleaning my brushes, my face, cleaning my make up section etc! Will always repurchase. And on the right is an eye cream by Logona! Will soon do a review on this :)

I got this shampoo & conditioner by Nivea in a magazine! To be honest there wasn't enough in to get a full on review going. (Actually it was so much that it only worked for half my hair haha). My Neutrogena mask and I are actually good friends right now. I didn't like it at first but using it as a daily wash it worked nicely!

I used up my Aussie "3 minute miracle" mask. It was okay but I won't purchase it again because Aussie itself gave me a stupid & sassy answer about their cruelty free stuff... ugh. Next to it my non loved shaving gel. I can't stand this product and I'm happy when the last bottle is gone! My SebaMed night cream on the other hand was amazing! It made my skin smooth and actually helped a little with my acne. The Blistex lip balm was also very good but I'm not a huge fan of the smell / taste.

I got this Urban Decay primer potion - the Anti-Age one - when I bought my Naked 3 palette :) I liked it but that sample thing is just so bad...it dried out within days. And another Nivea nose strip ! Love these. Technically that "Mega Volume Collagen 24h" mascara by L'Oréal isn't empty. But it did irritate my eyes in the past few days so I'd rather get rid of it.

Another razor which I don't really like. You can literally only use them twice and have to get rid of them...plus whatever I do I always cut myself. No matter how careful I am. Next to it is a Dessange shampoo which I liked. I will give you a review on this soon :) And some plain normal cotton pads! Would always repurchase.

Finally my last spray deodorant by Nivea! I can't stand these and I am so happy they're all gone :) And again a razor. I told you you can't use them for more than 2 or 3 times. Ugh. Last but not least a shower gel by Sunlight. It smells good but wouldn't repurchase because it's not cruelty free.

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