I love some good smelling shower gels! When I came across these I knew I had to buy some. 

Sagrotan is - if you're not familiar with it - normally a brand that serve to disinfect areas. Like your kitchen, bathroom etc. Now they also have shower gels. I heard from various people that disinfectant shower gels are so much better for you. Why? Cause they eliminate all the bad odors you might have.

I do actually sweat a lot (not that it stinks horribly but still) so I had to try these. They smell AMAZING. And you actually get a nice and fresh feeling after using it. The smell itself is supposed to stay on your body for 24h which I of course can't assure you will happen. One thing I did notice though: my sweat doesn't smell anymore. 

I love them! My fave is the raspberry / peach one <3

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