I started using these Balea nose strips and they work wonders! I actually like them more than the Nivea ones. Next to it are some normal cotton pads - will always repurchase :) And the Garnier Micellar cleansing water. It was nice and got rid of the make up.

On the left is an eye cream by Lavera. The smell was nice but I did not notice any difference. My skin felt and looked the same. The Balea hair mask was so good. It smelled amazingly and made my hair and ends very soft. Next to it is my second last bottle of shaving gel. I hate this thing and am happy when all of it is gone :)

Another one-use razor. Love this one since the blade is actually movable. Like it's absolutely not problem to shave your knees as well. Can you tell I love the Balea strips? Yes, will repurchase of course. The Listerine White mouth wash is okay. I mean it is cleaning your mouth but not whitening your teeth!

I finally finished up a bar of soap. This was by Nivea and smelled good. But I personally am not a big fan of bars I'd rather have a liquid soap. Next to it was a blade for my Intuition razor. Love these since they're very gentle! It took me a while to finish the Syoss shampoo with Keratin! It was okay but made my scalp very oily.

I used up some baby wipes. If you've been on my blog for a while, you know I love these. I use them for everything: cleaning my brushes, my desk, removing swatches etc. Would always repurchase! Next to it is the Clearasil wash gel. I used this every single day and it did indeed help with my spots. Although my skin felt very dry afterwards. And I finally used up my "Your Highness" conditioner by Bed Head. It's supposed to give your hair some volume but quite frankly it did nothing. The smell was nice though!

My all time favorite eye make up remover by L'Oreal! I love this stuff but unfortunately it's not cruelty free. :( Then some normal cotton pads and a face oil by Kiehl's. It smelled very good but I personally don't like oils on my face so I'm happy it's gone.

Another razor. I don't really like these so I'm happy when they're gone! Next to it is a Lagona sample which is cruelty free. It was a face cream and I liked it. The smell was nice but it was only enough for one use. And thank God I finally used up the last shaving gel! Hated them.

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