If you've been on my blog for awhile you know how much I love my clear-up strips!

I figured given the fact that Nivea isn't cruelty free I could go for Balea instead.

These are actually so easy to use: you have to clean your face first, keep it a bit wet, apply the strip and just keep it on until it's fully dry. Normally it should be rock hard so you can remove it properly.

I honestly think these are better than the Nivea ones. While the Nivea ones left a bit clue behind (they were kind of sticky and you had to remove it with rubbing alcohol) the Balea ones definitely go off easy.

Also you can clearly see how much they got out of your pores since everything is sticking onto it (I know it's a bit gross but that's what it is :D)

(Note: this product is cruelty free)

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