I basically only got this mascara because I was sick and tired of the one I currently used. That one had a plastic wand which made it absolutely horrible to work with. I don't know those plastic bristles just hurt my eyes. Anyway...do you know how hard it is to find a normal & good brush / wand?

As you can see the wand on this one is fairly huge. But it did an amazing job nonetheless! It made my lashes look great and it didn't felt (or look) clumpy at all. I only had to use one coat to make it look like I was wearing false lashes.

As for the "mega volume" effect .. nah. I personally find it really difficult to get volume onto my lashes (even with a lash curler) so maybe don't take my word for this one! But if you're looking for a good mascara that gives your lashes a black & opaque coat without much effort, this might be the one for you.

(Note: This product is not cruelty free)

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