I used up some nail polish remover. I like that one and still have a back up. Next to it was my favorite showergel of all time: "sweet apple pie hugs" by Treacle Moon. Oh my it smelled yummy! And I finally used up a hand sanitizer. I had this one for ages and I think it's was already expired - oops.

A simple razor that I hate. I am so happy when my stash of these is gone! Next is a Labello chapstick. Loved that one since it's very moisturizing! And again some Balea clear-up strips. I love these ones more than the Nivea ones and that says a lot :)

This shower gel by Dusch Das is basically for men but I honestly don't care :D It smelled nice and was perfect for winter. Then we have a eyebrow razor thingy. I don't know what they're called but you can also shave some tiny hairs on your face. I love these things and I still have a few back ups! :) Next to it another razor. I definitely like these more than the previous ones. Last but not least a conditioner by Syoss. It was nice but made my scalp soooo oily.

Some normal cotton pads which I'd always repurchase. Then a Nivea deodorant which I absolutely adore since it totally keeps me dry. And some baby wipes which I use for everything: cleaning my brushes, cleaning my make up boxes etc.

Another shower gel (am I eating them?) by Dettol. This is so good since it's disinfecting your body and keeps the smell away! Next to it is a top coat by Yves Rocher. I've had this for so long they don't even make these bottles anymore :D And a Nivea cleansing tonic which I liked. It smelled so good and definitely helped me clean my face.

Some more baby wipes. I like these more because they smell better but honestly: it comes down to the same thing :D Another razor ... like I said I am happy when they're gone! On the right is something I tried out this new thing: an alverde mouthwash. It's cruelty free, vegan and all natural. The taste is good too and I really enjoyed it :)

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