So this is something that got me interested right away: It's supposed to be a shampoo for dry ends and an oily scalp. So basically a 2-in-1 shampoo.

Starting off with the scent. It's very settled and doesn't stay in your hair. 

As for the "does it work" part. I did not really notice a difference. I tend to get an oily scalp while using the same shampoo over and over. Basically my scalp gets used to it. My hair or better my scalp still looked and worked the same after and while using this shampoo.

However my ends were in a good condition. No straw, broken hair or split ends. Plus it was very easy to comb through them.

Overall this might be a product you need to test for yourself. I know this is a weird review saying, go buy it yourself but it did only work half way for me.

But if you do have an really oily scalp you might want to go for another shampoo!

(Note: I am not sure if this product is cruelty free or not since I couldn't find information about it)

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