[Review] HOT & GO by L'OREAL

I am all for a good hair care routine. But I hate standing in the bathroom, blow drying my hair and waiting for about 15 minutes until my hair is dry.

When I cam across this product I knew I had to try it. It's supposed to make you hair dry faster and give you a bit of texture.

Now first: You don't know how much you actually need. It only says "spray on hair, comb through and blow dry". I immediately applied too much and my hair was crunchy & dry.

After the second run I can tell you: It does not dry your hair faster. If anything I feel like it takes even longer.

Anyhow I think it smells amazing and actually protects my hair from the heat because my hair looks better than ever.

If you should go on and buy this product is up to you. It DOES protect it from heat but DOES NOT do what it's supposed to.

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