Hey Lovelies!
I've just got an email by essence showing me their new collection called "lights of orient" :) Here we go:

I'm sorry I couldn't get a better picture of that palette :(

These two are eyebrow pencil :) I will definitely check them out!

This is a black eyeliner which you can use for smudging too since it's a round felt tip :)

These gorgeous lipsticks are matte! Honestly, call me crazy but I might get all 3 of them! 

Two bronzers yay! And from I can see there's also a highlighter in the middle :)

What a great highlighter stick. I've never used one to be honest but might get this one :)


This is the blush brush to go along with it. I can 100 % recommend you essence brushes they're fluffy and will serve you a long time!

Gorgeous nail polish. Especially 02!

Body tattoos! They're so in right now and I might get them to take with me on vacation :)

Last but not least a body spray! Will check it out just to see what it smells like :)

Tell me what you like most from this collection :)

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