Here comes a bit of a personal story time (grab a coffee haha). I've always had problems with my nails and hair. Both were very fragile and broke of easily. My nails never grew much but when they did they split or broke immediately. Same with my hair. I tried so much: changing my diet a bit, some hair masks, "strengthening" nail bases etc etc Also I never wanted to take supplements cause I always felt like I myself could still change it, without the help of any meds.

I finally gave in an bought this 1-month supply of pills by Schaebens.

The first thing I noticed is how hard it was for me to take daily meds. I forgot some pills here and there so I had to take them in the evening :D Not that it was a big deal though.

While using these pills I actually realized how much better my hair was. It was shiny, soft and I think it grew a bit as well.

What grew for sure were my nails. Within the 30 days of use I had to cut them 3 times because they were so long (also I've read somewhere that when you cut them on a regular basis, they actually grow back stronger - don't know if that's true though).

My skin looked better too. Although I had some breakouts within the first days - probably all the toxic leaving my skin - it looked fabulous afterwards!

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