Hey Lovelies!
Today I'd like to share an app with you called "SelfieMark". Thanks to Paul from Journomate I got to know this app and this is what it features:

The SelfieMark app, users can share experiences, modify images, engage using emoji, poll followers, and share with their larger social networks. SelfieMark is a multi-function rich app with the following features:
•Side-By-Side Polling: Get valuable feedback on what's hot or not 
•Generate Polls: Use your own inventory of photos to engage your friends 
•Real-Time Engagement: Heart images, use emoticons, hashtags and location tags to share your experience 
•All-In-One Camera: Traditional and selfie facing camera feature and photo editor with filter enhancement capabilities 
•Optimize Conversations: Find users, and discussions by hashtags, stay current 
•Tag Friends: Keep them in the loop 
•Private Sharing: Control who sees your visual content 
•Meme Generator: Create your own meme or caption 
•Share links: Add context to content you share

My thoughts:
- It's very easy to sign up. Either with your e-mail address or facebook profile. Or if you just want to check it out you can even log in as a guest :)
- It will ask you some preferences that you can click like food, parties, travel, fashion etc so you basically just click the ones you're interested in and would like to see some pictures of.
- The pictures takes very long to load.
- There's not much going on as of now. This is great to actually connect with people because it's such a small community!
- It's quite a lot like Instagram. The set up, the hashtags, even some filters. I love it. 

Let me know what you think of it. You can download the app over here:

It might be the new selfie app, so let's be a part of it <3

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