Some cotton pads of course as usual :) Then I have a perfume sample which I hate. I rather have the little spray bottles than those foil packages...ugh. Then a heat protectant from Balea which you'll get a review on soon :) And some baby wipes.

See what I mean with spray bottles haha. On top is "Miss Dior" by Dior and the bottom one is "Goldea" by Bvlgari. I liked both and I even purchased the full size Bvlgari one :) Next to it is a nail polish my Rimmel which is almost gone but it's so hard to get the rest out of it. Also, it changed color so I'd rather not use it anymore. And a peachy shower gel by Le Petit Marseillais. Don't really like peachy scents so I'm happy it's gone.

My absolute favorite mouth wash by Alverde! Already have 2 back ups <3 Another one of those foil perfume samples by Givenchy. It's the last one and I'm happy about that. Then a shower gel with blueberries. Loved this one more than the peachy one. On the far right is another staple: my eye make up remover :)

I know it's hard to tell but on top of the razor that I'm getting rid of, is a plastic wrap that contained a soap! I actually got it a while back on vacation and only used it up now! I just don't like soap bars and prefer liquid soap :( Then another shower gel! It's by Sagrotan and supposed to "disinfect" your body and to get rid of all the bad smell. I liked it. And last but not least another pore strip by Balea. LOVE.

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