I went to the Gallery Lafayette here in Strasbourg and I found some amazing tea. Even though they have way more kitchen stuff (like plates, glasses, pans etc) they also had a tiny space of tea and cookies. I'm an absolute tea lover and I had to get one. I always wanted to try out some detox tea because I heard it is good for your body.

(click for larger pictures)

I got the Kusmi tea called "I <3 my DETOX". It has green tea, maté and lemongrass in it and it tastes a bit weird at first, but as soon as you're used to it you'll love it (well at least I love it:) )

I drank like 2 L of it and I felt a bit better and fitter. To be honest I never took great care of my body and I'm just starting out to drink more tea (I always loved tea but since a few months - I guess since september 2013 - I'm drinking tea on a daily basis). This tea will definitely be re-ordered online or I may find some other detox tea that I could try out?! :)

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