So today I received my sephora order that I placed 2 days ago (ha topman, see how it's working?) and I wanted to share my products with you.

(click to enlarge pictures)

Starting off with the Boudoir Eyes palette my Too Faced. This is the first product that I got from them and I'm really satisfied with it!

Satin sheets / Sugar walls / Garter Belt

In the buff / Fuzzy handcuffs / Voulez-vous

Birthday suit / Lap Dance / French tickler

I got the shampoo & conditioner by John Frida called full repair. I recently got the sample size of the shampoo and I loved it. Need to try the conditioner as well!

The urban decay ammo palette. Those colors are seriously the most beautiful ever. Plus you'll get a sample size of the famous primer potion.

Maui Wowie / Shattered / Polyester Bride / Grifter / Sin

Smog / Mildew / Oil sick / Last call / Chopper

 Plus I got some samples. Not sure what to do with those though...

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