ROOM TOUR | Strasbourg

So while we're staying in Strasbourg I thought I could film a little room tour for you guys. We're staying at the Hôtel des Princes which is really close to the center of Strasbourg. After a 15 mins. walk you arrive at the famous cathedral and can continue to shop 'til you drop! 

(click to enlarge pictures!)

This is what out room looks like. We've been here for the third time and this is by far the biggest room we stayed in. It is a superieure room and I absolutely love it!

Just look at that massive closet. Oh you could buy so may clothes to fill this one up (ours in just filled by half!)

I love this mirror so badly! It is large and beautiful (I think that every good hotel needs a big mirror!)

We also have a little desk area. It is placed in front of an huge window but unfortunately our view isn't the best :(

My nightstand. Yeah please don't mind it, it looks horrible with too many things on top!

Our enormous shower! The last times we were here, we had a bathtub so I'm really pleased with a shower. You can actually sit in there and I think this is awesome :)

Also the sink is brand new (excuse the mess) but it fits perfectly into the room! 

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