Hey lovelies! So today I got an E-mail telling me that ARTDECO comes out with a new collection. It is called "Jungle Fever - The bronzing collection" and here are the products they will sell (probably at the beginning of April!)

Starting off with a Beauty Box called "Jungle Fever" just like the collection. It has an amazing design to it and you can put either a blusher or 2 eyeshadows from the new collection in it. (Do you really need this box? - Well it's up to you!) It'll sell for 8,95 €!

Bronzing glow blusher called "Queen of the Jungle". So this is basically 2-in-1 since you'll get a bronzer and a blusher. To me the color looks really beautiful and I'm sure it will give you a nice summer glow! You can get it for 19,50 €.

earthy brown / golden earth / sugar pearl / green jungle / gold green / jungle river / blue stream / sweet violet

ARTDECO comes up with 8 new and tropical eyeshadows! I am really pleased by this because I love both - the nude colors AND the colorful ones. I will definitely check them out and maybe buy some :) My favorites are "jungle river" and "golden earth" because they look really beautiful and I really need them in my collection! They're 7,95 € each!

bronzing fever / tan fever

"Bronzing powder compact" with SPF 15! They both look really gorgeous but to me they look too dark (well I know they're bronzers but I my skin is really fair and these probably make me look like an oompa-loompa :( ) But I will take a look at them as well and maybe - just maybe - buy one if they actually fit my skin tone :) You can get them for 22 € each!

pearl mandarin orange / pearl blazing read

These two lipsticks look gorgeous! They're the perfect colors for summer and I feel like you could have a lot of fun with it (well because the color makes you happy ;) ). If I had to choose between these two i really wouldn't know which one to take. You'll get them for 13,80 €.

If you want a better / closer look to all these different items, you can check out THIS (note: it's in german!) page :) Hope you like it! :)

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