[Review] BI-OIL

So this is a thing that I recently discovered. It is the Bi-Oil oil (ha what a name) and at first I thought it was only for stretch marks. Since I don't have any and I'm not pregnant I figured this wouldn't be something for me.

Later I found it in my supermarket and actually read what it says on the box. It is good for scars, dry skin, aged skin etc. (You need to know that my legs are ALWAYS really dry. I tried many things out for it so why not trying this oil?). 

You need to remember that this is an actual oil so don't make the mistake like me and put way too much on your skin. Even though it sinks in pretty well it's not really cool to have oil on your clothes. 

The smell of it is amazing and it takes forever to use up (which is a good point). I'm already at my second bottle and I still love it. It makes my legs really soft and smooth, so if you ever get your hands on it: buy it.

I also read that you can use it for your face, even though I recommend to apply it in the evening so it can sink into your face during the night.


  1. I've put this stuff on when my skin is really dry before going to bed and it works wonders!

    Nice post!



    1. I absolutely love it! My legs are always really dry and this is sooo good! They're not irritated, red or hurt :)

      Thank you! <3


  2. I always wanted to try this product after seeing it on the magazines but I then I found out that Bio Oil is quite pricey so I have no confidence in buying it. After seeing your post and how it works on you as well as others who commented on this post, I'm quite relieved. Great post and keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you! :) I promise you it's worth it. I wasn't sure about it as well but I just gave it a go :) I'm not going to use anything else from now on.