Hey Lovelies! I got another E-Mail by Artdeco telling me that they'll come out with another collection! So why not share it with you? :) 

It is called Pure Elements and it will be available in mid April! :)

pure pink topaz

pure rosy diamond

Two new lip colors that I really enjoy! Definitely a must-have since summer is almost around and you can actually use a good baby pink lipstick every day in your life. I'll check them out for sure :) You'll get them for 12,80 €

mineral blue malachite

mineral violet sapphire

Two new "mineral eye styler" in two beautiful colors! I personally like the blue one most and hopefully they go on smooth and stay all day! You'll get them for 8,50 € 

tiger eye / green tourmaline / blue malachite / rose quartz

Mineral baked eyeshadow in 4 amazing colors! I personally like "green tourmaline" and "rose quartz" most :) You can use these either dry or wet depending how much color you want :) They'll sell for 9,50 €

A beautiful mineral baked blusher in the color "golden rose quartz". I'm not really sure about the color though because it seems to be pretty dark and that's not so much for me :/ I'll check them out anyways! You can get it for 10,80 €

Only one compact powder in the color "natural peach". I think it's sad that you'll only get one powder since it looks dark as well and I'm pale white. I could probably use it as a bronzer or contour color. You can get it for 19,50 € and it is refillable! 


  1. Great colors for the season!!!