Hello Lovelies! So Manhattan comes up with a new Limited Edition and it's called "Hippie Yeah". The name alone reminds me of spring, sun and festivals (Coachella is this weekend. Man I wish I could go. It's a big dream!). Below you'll find all the products and of course the names / color of them. Let's go:

3,99 €

Starting of with some lipsticks. Apparently they're not really pigmented so you can use them as a gloss if you want to. I'd probably check out "Festival Icon" since it seems like a gorgeous pink!

4,09 €

3 nail polishes that come in different shades of pink. They have a "gel shine effect" and are long lasting. Well I probably won't get one since I already have too many pinks. (But hey, I said probably :P)

3,99 €

Last but not least some new eyeshadows but they won't be a limited edition. So you can basically buy them whenever you want to. To me I think "Peach of Paris" is a go-to! Now I don't know if they have shimmer in them but you can apply them dry or wet - what ever you like most.

The Edition starts Mid April and will be available for 8 weeks!


  1. Beautiful shades! I especially like the purple nail polish - it's very much like the radiant orchid, the pantone colour of the year. :)

    1. I love the nail polish as well! Too bad I already have waaaay too many :(