And again some other news by Manhattan! They come with a brand new nail polish collection called "Manhattan ♥ Club nights". I got the official pictures so let's go :)

Fluo Effect Topcoat in "Disco Light"

Glitter Effect in "Beach Bonfire"

Glitter Effect in "Jungle Gem"

Glitter Effect in "Laguna Love"

Glitter Effect in "Sparkle a la playa"

Glitter Effect in "Violet Volcano"

Lotus Effect in "Coral Clubbeat"

Lotus Effect in "Dusk Dancer"

Lotus Effect in "Flashy Sunrise"

Lotus Effect in "Heartbeat"

Lotus Effect in "Palm Leaf"

Lotus Effect in "Turntable Tastic"

Reflect Effect Topcoat in "Shimmer Glimmer"

Which one is your favorite? I personally LOVE the glitter ones! All of them. I definitely need to check them out closer to see which one I'll get (:

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