This is the "normal" version of the Hypnôse mascara by Lancôme.

This is the Hypnôse Star by Lancôme (apparently for eyes just like your favorite stars ;) )

Okay where to start? I absolutely love both of these mascaras. They make my lashes really black and also give them a good curve.  They stay wet for a long time (I hate nothing more than mascara that dries out after your second use or something). Plus - if you look at the Hypnôse Star one - I can even work with weird-shaped-wands/brushes. The only thing I don't really like is that it is sticking them together and it will look kind of weird. Plus I googled the prices for these. OMG are you like insane? (I mean if you want good quality you have to pay for it - I get that but come on it's mascara!)

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