A few pieces that I definitely want in my closet! (even though it is pretty hard to find them :( )

Starting off with a green parka that I want for like forever! I don't have a nice, thin jacket. My jackets are either too thick and warm or too thin and I freeze to death. I hopefully get one until the end of summer - perfect for fall!

A "Bad Hair Day" beanie! We all know that problem: Your hair looks like a mess and it just won't style the way you want it o. Well just put on that beanie and everything is fine.

I love this sleeveless black blouse with studs. It's perfect for spring and summer and I really want to get one before going on holiday!

I'v been wanting a rose gold Michael Kors watch for ever! I know they also come in silver and gold but this one just makes it for me. I love the color and the design on it the only thing I don't like is the actual price! :(

Black Supra shoes! Just look at these beauties. They look totally comfy and I'd really like to try these out. Unfortunately you don't find them here.

Last but not least: a Captain America shirt! Well there's that one shop called EMP and they used to have it - I never got around to get it though. Now that I absolutely want it: it's sold out. I've been updating that page every day but it's still not back in stock :(

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