I know I know what you might be thinking! A beauty haul? Again? Well yeah as you may know it is pretty hard for me to get my hands on Rimmel stuff. As we when shopping a few days ago I took the chance and bought some products, along with Manhattan and Hema! Enjoy :)

This is an overview of what I got. As you can see it it not that much! ;)


Got 4 sponges from Hema and also two eyeshadow brushes. One is fluffy and the other one is for cream shadow and therefore a bit harder. I bought this since I want to go a bit into the face paint scene and thought it'd be a good start. (If you want to know more about it, I'll probably set up a youtube channel for it :) )

 A multi effect eyeshadow in "Ice Eyes Baby" and an X-act eyeliner in "Back to white". I want to use these for another CaptaiN America cosplay / transformation. Hopefully it turns out good :)

I'm sorry these picutres are on a wrong angle but I just can't figure out how to rotate them on this old computer. The blue nail polish is in "Night Skinny Dip" and the lovley pink one it "Princess Pink". Now I already have the pink one but since it's older I thought I could use that one up and have a new back up :)

 Last but not least I got two things that everyone is talking about. First we have the "Match Perfection" liquid make up in Ivory. I heard so many good things about it and wanted to try it out :) I also got the "Stay Matte" foundation also in Ivory. Can't wait to give you a review on them :)

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