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I had the opportunity to work with Me&Zena via TheBloggerProgramme. First of a big THANK YOU to Zena for sending me all the infos I needed to make this blogpost. I highly recommend you ordering from the site because it has everything to look stylish and chic!

Me&Zena are jewellry worn by celebrities i.ex: Cara Delevingne, Rihanna and Pixie Lott. Have you ever wondered where the got those cute rings from? Right, Me&Zena.

Here are the items that I chose to review (please CLICK on the pictures to get the best resolution!):

I chose this midi ring called "Leo Zodiac Midi Ring" because it is my Zodiac sign. I heard a lot people talking and wearing those midi rings and I actually never had the chance to get my hands on them. It is golden, small and fits perfectly with every outfit. If you're like me and don't like these chunky rings you can easily go along with these. You can get your own Zodiac sign for only 12 £ :)

Another ring, another It-piece. The "Jesus Loves You Cross Ring" is a normal one that goes with a bunch of different looks (to me especially black clothes since it gives them a "grudge" look). I've seen a LOT of celebrities wearing these to freshen up their outfits. It's again a small one so it doesn't get too much attention. Since gold is not everyone's color, you can also get in in silver. Be careful with what size you chose tho because I know the struggle of finding a perfect ring and the size makes it uncomfortable! It is currently on sale for 12 £ also! 

Here's a full picture of what the rings look like on a hand. You know how some midi rings make your fingers look like they're going to explode? When they're squeezed so badly that it hurts? Well not with these. 

Okay now hold on. I absolutely HATE spiders but holy Jesus, I need that necklace! It's the "Silvia Spider Necklace" and you can get it for 18 £. Look at that gorgeous silver opal crystal forming the spiders body. I can imagine that, if the sun shines right on it, it will sparkle in a lot of different colors which is a must for me during summer. If you don't like necklaces I recommend you checking out the "Silvia Spider's Web Ring" that crawls up your finger! ;)

By the way if you're from Luxembourg just like I am, go check out EXTRABOLD (24 Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg) because they sell the jewellry exlusively. 

Thank you again Zena and I hope you liked this post! You will be definitely hearing from me again :) 

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