Hey Lovelies!
It's time for another first view at ARTDECO! They'll come up with a new edition called "Majestic Beauty" and you can get the products starting mid August! 

cream crimson queen / velvet graceful rose

As usual they'll have some lipsticks. This time they're mostly red / berry colored which I think is great for fall. Buy them for 13,80 € :)

couture silk / couture lucious red / couture mahagony

Now they also have some new nail polish.  I absolutely adore the first one - since I love nude. I will definitely check them out. You can get them for 8,50 € each :)

They only have one real blusher (I say real because you'll see the next item - it's basically the same..) It's called "Princess Lilly" and it's a gorgeous nude / berry color. You can buy it for 8,50 €

This is a cream rouge and it's for lips & cheeks. It's called "Creamy Rose Madame" and it's looks highly pigmented to me. I love products like this cause you only need one item to bring with you instead of 2 (I love saving space so this comes in handy!) It will retail for 11,80 €

pearly mother nature / historic wood / majestic dove grey / purple monarch / matt ancient iron / matt generous beige

Well these shadows are definitely for me! They look gorgeous and I'm really excited about the two matt ones. They will cost 4,80 € each.

ancient iron / historic wood

Well this is called and "Eye Designer Refill" and it's basically some loose eyeshadow. You'll only need to remove the plastic cap and you can go on to put it on your eyes. I'm really interested in them so I might give them a try. They will cost 7,50 € 

brilliant crimson queen / brilliant purple monarch

OMG! Look at these colors. I really hope they're highly pigmented cause they a) look like the perfect red and b) are gorgeous for fall (berry-tone). They're only 9,50 € so you might check them out :)

This lipliner is called "Mineral Black Cherry Queen" and costs 8,50 €. I personally am not a big fan of lipliners but if you are, maybe this is the right shade for you :)

black cherry queen / generous beige

Well here you have the matching lipstick. They look adorable and I will try to get my hands on "generous beige" cause I find it really hard to find THE nude! They are 9,50 € 

This is a palette. The design is quite cute but what I like most is that you can put 4 eyeshadows in! Perfect for vacation or when you have a sleepover! AND it's only 9,95 € so go and buy it :)

historic wood / ancient iron

Last but not least (we had a lot of products today!) we have some waterproof eye liner! I have my eyes on "historic wood" since it looks like a nice brownish color. They are 6,80 € each. :)

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