Starting off with a shower gel from the awesome smelling perfume "Si" by Armani. This shower gel smells amazing as well but that's about it. It doesn't stay on your skin which is actually kinda sad :( My "Lady Gaga" perfume is empty as well :( It's my favorite celebrity perfume and this was probably my 4th bottle. As soon as I use up my other perfumes I'll definitely repurchase this one. I also finished a deodorant by Rexona. I absolutely didn't liked it and I'm happy it's gone!

A shower gel by Balea. It's my favorite drugstore brand to be honest and it does the job. What can I say? And then I finally used my shampoo and conditioner by L'Oréal Elvital. It's supposed to make your hair thicker. Well not really. But don't worry I'll write a blogpost about it! ;)

Finally used up my Clinique facial soap. I know I made a post about how much I love it but I recently found something better... And yes this nail polish is still full but I've had it for so long it actually changed color. Plus it peels of way too easily. It's called "Suzie says Feng-Shui" by OPI. And as you can see I used my powder up. It's the All Matt by Catrice and it really did the job (had it for so long!)

I finally used up my little Burberry "Body" perfume. If you follow my blog for quite a while you'll remember it from my christmas haul :) I loved the smell of it and will probably repurchase it. I used this big bottle of "Repair" conditioner by Franck Provost up. Well to be honest there was just one use left so I don't feel really happy (since it stood in my shower for ages - I first had to use other things). Anyway I have more space now and I'm happy. It did the job really good and my hair feels soft after using it. And then again a shaving foam. Well you all know how much I love these?! :)

I used up this body wash by dusch das. It's called "Noire" and to be honest I think this is actually made for men (since the smell of it is pretty strong). Anyway, I liked it and it did the job. I used two other deodorants up. The Sanex one is good but it has aluminium in it and I hate that. I basically used it to freshen up the air.. ;) The Nivea one is... well...I don't like it. The only Nivea products I really love are the chap sticks and the cream.

Okay today is a sad day because one of my favorite lipsticks broke off! It's by P2 and it's called "Kärntner Straße". I don't know if you can still get that one. I feel like crying. Next to it we have some basic items like cotton pads, dental floss and nose strips. You all know these products I guess :)

My favorite eye make up remover by Maybelline. I love it and will always repurchase it! I finally used up the toner from the 3-step-system by Clinique. Unfortunately my skin broke out after using it so I won't buy it again. Then I found this conditioner in the back of my stockpile. It's by Bed Head and it's called "Some like it hot". I don't know why I stopped using it but it only had two uses left.

Some normal baby wipes. I used it for basically everything - cleaning up, cleaning my brushes, removing make up. Then I used up another shaving foam. It was good but just like every other foam. My new favorite concealer is gone as well. It's the "true match" one by L'Oréal. LOVE! And I already repurchased it :)

Some more Nivea strips. Yes you know the deal ;). Then I FINALLY! used up my lipsmacker in "Sprite". Jesus Christ this thing is so bad. I hate the smell of it and it's just disgusting. Then another heart break: my new Lancôme lipstick broke off and fell on the floor :( I really loved the color though :(

I decided to throw out my beloved lipstick by L'Oréal called "Doutzen's Nude". I feel like as soon as I'm tanned it looks bad on me since it's a really pale color :( I used up my second baby lips in "mint fresh". It was good and actually cooling down my lips. And again some Nivea strips since my pores are huge at the moment.

Shampoo + conditioner from the "Essence ultîme" collection by Schwarzkopf. It's developed with Claudia Schiffer and actually really working on my hair. I will give you a review later on! A deluxe sample from "Manifesto" by Lancôme. Love it and will maybe purchase the big bottle. I also finished up another bottle of "Bi-Oil" but I already threw it away :(

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