Hey Lovelies!
Are you ready for another cool shop that I found on the internet? Yes? Great!

I found shopjeen.com while re-reading an old magazine. You will shortly see what caught my eye but first off let me tell you: they have amazing clothes / accessories! Let's go.

Off course this Captain America iPhone case was what I fell in love with. You know how much I love these movies and I definitely need a phone case as well! *____*

I recently re-discovered Sailor Moon (the manga & the tv series) and as soon as i saw this t-shirt I figured I should have it. Even though I'm already 22 years old but hey, you're never too old for anime!

This is totally my style. Unlike other fashion bloggers (I don't consider myself a fashion addict!) I'd rather walk around in sweatpants than tight jeans. This one I personally adore since it's tighter at the bottom (not a regular fit like most of them).

Awwwwh look at this cute dress. Whenever it's summertime I have the urge to wear dresses. I've been on the search for a cute one for a while now and I think this one does the job :)

I just love beanies. But they need to be cute / funny and this "Weirdo" describes me perfectly :D Plus you can style it with pretty much everything ;)

Wow look at these gorgeous sunglasses! I recently wrote a blogpost about crazy glasses and this one would fit in perfectly :)

Sandals + Hologram = LOVE! I'm not a big fan of high heels so I decided to show you these ones. They're perfect for summer since they'll have a gorgeous shimmer whenever you hit the stage ;)

Last but not least: This "Punk Alice". Basically it's Alice in Wonderland covered in tattoos and piercing. I think it's completely hot! I'd love to have that pillow on my bed!

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