Hey Lovelies!
I got a new e-mail by ARTDECO today saying that they'll come out with a new edition. This time you'll find everything to make your lips look good! Let's check them out:

This is a "Color booster lip balm". It's made so your natural lip color will pop a bit more and it will moisturize them as well! I will definitely keep an eye on that. Buy it for 9,50 €

shiny coral red / shiny fire-red / shiny cherry plum / shiny classic rose / shiny sheer rose / shiny nude

Don't these look amazing? I love the three last (since I'm a huge fan of nude colors!). It's supposed to give your lips some shine and keep them moisturized throughout the day! They're 14,80 € each! :)

This is - like it says - a glossy lip volumizer. Basically it's a gloss that makes your lips appear bigger / fuller. It's nice to have if you're like me and your lips are barely existent! You can get it for 10,80 €!

Last but not least a "Lip filler base" so you can actually smooth your lips to make them ready for gloss / lipstick etc. It will cost 12,80€ :)

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