It's empties time again! I can't believe we're already July (best month ever to be honest, since it's my birth month :P) 

I finished up a "Stress Protect" deodorant by Nivea and to be honest with you it didn't work for me. I was sweating even more when i used this and I'm sick of the smell as well :(. A shower gel that I got send to from some friends in Germany. It is the "Violet Passion" one by Isana and smells like black currant. It's nice but nothing really special :) Also I finally used up my "Liquid facial soap" from my Clinique set. I like it and will soon use my final and last set :)

Another bottle of my Bi-Oil. You guys know how much I love this thing. Will always repurchase it :) Also one of my favorite things is a "headache roll-on". You probably know these roll-ons for eyes, right? Well this is the same except that it helps you when you feel a headache coming. You roll it over your forehead and to me it works amazingly. I decided to use a new mouthwash. This one is by Odol and it's especially made for your gums (sounds weird, right?). I liked the taste of it but unfortunately there isn't a lot of product in :(

It's been years that I used some cotton balls. I found this old bag and decided to use them up. They're good, what can I say :P Another thing I finished are some "express dry drops" by essence. You're supposed to put some drops over your nail polish and it dries faster. Well no, not really. I found that it actually took longer. I got this baby lips a few months ago and it's already gone. It was the hydrate one and I kinda liked it. The smell was horrible tho.

You already saw my empties lipgloss in a "MWIP" but I wanted to share it anyway. It was a color sensational gloss by Maybelline in the color "pink petal". I had this one for almost 2 years and LOVED it. I actually did remove the stopper so I could scoop out the rest :D. Next to it we have my all-time favorite mascara. "The Colossal Volum' Express" by Maybelline as well. Love it and will repurchase it - as soon as I used up my other ones. Shower gel by Palmolive called "Mediterranean Moments" with apricot from Italy and strawberry. The smell was amazing - like ice cream. 

SeebyChloe perfume sample. It smells okay but it's not something I'd purchase. "Refining Clear-up Strips" by Nivea. These are the ones for your nose to get rid of big pores. I like them and already repurchased a box :) Finally used up my "Nourish me" polish by Essie. It's basically a hydration polish to make your nails shiny, healthy and nourished. I think it was good but won't repurchase it either :)

Some more "Refining Clear-up Strips" by Nivea. But these are the ones for your chin and forehead. They work fine and like I said I already repurchased a box! A Garnier Mineral 5 Protection deodorant. They smell was nice but it didn't do anything for me. I was still sweating (like I mentioned in a previous post I want to use aluminum free deodorant. This one has aluminum in so that's probably why it didn't work). Won't repurchase it. Last but not least a sample of the "Teint Miracle" by Lancôme. Well what can I say, it was waaay too dark for me! 

Some random shaving foam by Gilette. This is a man version but hey as long as I can shave my legs I don't care :P. I like it. A sample of the "Euphoria" perfume by Calvin Klein. Did not like it and will not buy the full size. And finally some cotton pads. What can I say about them? They're essential to remove my make up :)

I used up my Clinique face cream. I actually realized that it's irritating my skin since I got tons of blemishes thanks to it! Thank God it's gone. A Pantene Pro-V hair mask for colored hair that I absolutely loved. I like the package since you could actually pop it up instead of unscrewing it (really useful!). It smelled nice and made my hair soft. Can you see that I love nose strips? I think they're useful and you can take them with you on holiday if you want to. These were good (I recently bought them cause I wanted to try some new ones!)

A GOSH nail polish. Now I know this isn't empty yet but I got it almost 3 years ago and it started to turn bad. It went thick and was already half gone (plus it had some glitter in it) so I decided to let it go. A normal chapstick. What can I say about it? It kept my lips moisturized and that's what I wanted. This is a Cartier perfume sample. It was good but I won't purchase the full size. And again some Nivea nose strips.

I love dry shampoo and this one is really good. It is from Syoss and  for hair that tends to grease really easily. It kept my hair fresh and clean. I love this perfume sample by Lanvin. I actually thought about buying the full size but then I bought some Escada one :P And last but not least a Balea shower gel. It's for sensitive skin and I really like the smell of it! Already have another one :)

I used up my "Very Irrésistible" perfume by Givenchy. It was good even though the smell was a bit too strong for me (I always had to sneeze - just after one puff!). Next up is my new holy grail: cleansing foam by SebaMed. It is medical skin care and it works so well on my skin. Since I've been using it I didn't had any blemishes. And again my cleansing tonic by Neutrogena! Love it and will probably repurchase it. Even though I'd like to try the one from SebaMed.

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