Hey Lovelies!
Again some good news from ARTDECO. This time we have a "Miami Collection" featuring nail polish, eyeshadow and more. Let's take a lot at it:

black / coconut / sea port / cool atlantic / tropical monsoon

First off we have some "All in One Liquid Liner". My favs are "Cool atlantic" and "tropical monsoon". All in all the colors are really "beach themed". From what I see they have a little shimmer to it. I don't know if they're waterproof but I'll definitely take a look at them! They will cost around 14,95 €

Next up some mascaras. The first one is the "normal" version and the blue one is waterproof. I personally prefer the waterproof version but you can choose whatever you want :) You can get them for 13,80 €

cool atlantic / coastal city / tropical monsoon / caribbean cuisine / hot summer / pop music

The best things: nail polish! I really like the coral one called "caribbean cuisine". Even though I have tons of the same shade I still need to check this one out. You can buy them for 6,80 €

glossy orange / glossy pink grapefruit / glossy strawberry / glossy exotic / glossy havana / glossy rumba 

"Glossy Lip Color" which is basically the same as the Clinique, Astor, Maybelline version. I feel like everyone has to jump on this bandwagon but anyway. The colors are pretty and are definitely worth a try! Buy them for 11,95 €

rich girl / city highlight / caribbean coffee / tropical monsoon / cool atlantic / cruise ship / american girl / metropolitan city

Last but not least they also come out with some "Long-lastin Eyeshadow sticks". They like nice but some of them have glitter in it and I'm not really sure what to think of that?! Anyway these sticks are easy to use and hopefully easy to blend. They retail for 9,95 €

What do you think? Do you like some of the new products? If so let me know which ones :)

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