Hey Lovelies!
Today I'd like to share some of the new ARTDECO stuff with you. It is a skin care collection that will give you a smooth skin and apparently it smells amazing! :)

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful those bottles look? They have a clean design what I absolutely like (I don't like too many colors in my bathroom!). So let's start off with the "Body Repair Lotion" which is basically a body lotion that should smooth out your skin and help repairing it. I feel like it's perfect for summer since we all need to look good for a beach walk :) Plus a body lotion is a MUST! :) You can get it for 18,50 €.

"Hydra Body Lotion" which should moisturize your body.  You could buy the two lotions if you want to or just one, depends on what your skin needs. Personally I'd buy both since I want to have the solution for every problem :) It will retail at 19,50 € 

Remember a while back when I talked about shower foams? Well here you go, ARTDECO has its own now. Like I said I don't really see the point in these things since I feel like you could use some normal shower gel as well. Anyway, this here smell like milk & honey and I might check it out. You can get it for 10,80 €

Last but not least we have a "Dry Oil" (what ever that means). It basically is an oil that you moisturize your body and keep it smooth. Always good to have :) Buy it for 26,00 €

Like I said, skin and body care items are always good. I especially love that you can choose between a lotion or an oil, depending on what you prefer most. Personally I wouldn't miss the shower foam. I feel like they should have included some peeling or something similar. Anyway it's a nice collection and definitely worth a try :)

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