Hey Lovelies!
I got an E-Mail from essence today telling me that they will come up with a new limited edition. It's called good girl, bad girl and this is what it looks like:

hello sweet heart | once i was an angel 

Two new eyeshadow quads and I personally like them. One is light and the other one dark so you can switch them to fit them to your mood :)

Eyeliner pen in "once i was an angel" to be honest you can never have enough liners so it might be worth a look :)

it wasn't me! | caught in the middle

Look at these gorgeous lipsticks. They look perfect for fall / winter - especially the "it wasn't me" one. I definitely need to buy them!

hello sweetheart | good girls wear peach

Same for the lipgloss. They look really nice and nude and that's exactly what I'm looking for. But I'll probably go with the second one ;)

good girls wear peach

I always loved essence blush and I'm more into peachy blushes thank bright pink. So I might check it out :)

hello sweetheart

A shimmer powder is always nice in your collection. You can use it as a highlight to put on your cheekbones, nose or cupids bow :)

hello sweetheart | good girls wear peach | who am i? | caught in the middle | it wasn't me! | once i was an angel

Aaaah, my obsession. I am really looking forward to see how the different effect will be working. Leather effect? Never heard of it, but it sound great :)

Some hair ties which look really cute. Too bad I still have loads of them :(

it wasn't me | once i was an angel

To bad I don't like glitter nail polish but these top coats look amazing. Might be worth a look if you're really into nail design :)

Two perfumes. I personally have never bought a perfume from essence but I will see if they're good or not (even though I still have tons of perfumes to go through ... ;) )

What do you like most? I can't wait to see the polishes :)

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