Hey Lovelies!
Welcome to a "in-between" kinda post! I was able to get my eyes (and hands!) and the new essence collection "good girl, bad girl" that I showed you a few days ago. Here is what I bought:

I bought the nail polish with snake effect called "once I was an angel", the blush called "good girls wear peach" and the lipgloss "hello sweetheart".

I know I told you I'd probably go with the peachy lipgloss but to be honest: it had huge pieces of glitter in and that not my thing. They had no lipstick left and the eyeshadow palettes were too shimmery & glittery for me.

This is the blush and as you can see it is WAY lighter than the official pictures I got from essence. But it's a gorgeous color and it's easy to blend. Give you a nice and shiny glow :)

This is the lipgloss (excuse me for that weird pic) and I personally don't really know if I like it or not. It actually makes your lips white and it's (for me) hard to apply. You tell me: do you like it, or not?

I haven't put on the nail polish yet so I can't give you my opinion on it - sorry! :(

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