I finally finished my „Our Moment“ perfume by One Direction. I had it for over a year and I recently „re-discovered“ it :) It smells really sweet but I liked it. Next to it we have some Nivea make up remover wipes. They were too dry so I had to put a bit water in it to use them properly. And on the far right is my „warm cinnamon nights" body lotion by TreacleMoon. It smelled amazing and I will repurchase it next Christmas (if they have it back in stock :D)

Starting off with an alverde body lotion. The smell was literally horrible and I am so happy that it’s gone! Next to it we have a Fructis hair mask. I actually only use masks on my ends so it does take me a while to use one up. And in the front is the „blur cream“ by L’Oréal. I started using it in August last year. So you can imagine how much product is in there.

"Ultra doux" shampoo by Garnier. It was nothing special but it smelled nice. At the end of the day I used it to clean my brushes. Next to it we have a peel off mask by Today. I get a strange satisfaction from those peel off things and I really adored the smell of it. Last but not least the "lumi magique" highlighting pen by L'Oreal. I really liked it and might repurchase it :)
Look at these huge bottles! On the left we have "Moisture Maniac" and the right is "Elasticate" both by Bed Head. To be honest the maniac was gone 2 years ago and I filled it up with normal head & shoulders. Oops :D But the elasticate conditioner was great. Made my hair feel soft and smelled amazingly. In the middle we have a make up remover by L'Oreal. I was satisfied with it and might repurchase once my other ones are gone:)

Did you miss the plain boring shaving gel? Yes? Well here you go. Will always repurchase. Then we have an eye cream called "Abeille Royale" by Guerlain. I gotta tell you: it was "just" a sample size but man it took me 2 weeks to finish it. Nice. And again some deodorant by Rexona. Don't like the smell and I'm happy when my stock is gone :)

Up next we have some cotton rounds. As you know I don't really care what the brand is or how they look like, I love them anyway. On top is an eyeliner by essence called "cool down". It was a dark blue and I used it to line my eyes (not on my waterline since I didn't like the look of that). This was actually my last pack of clear up strips :D Had to improvise and use the forehead ones on my nose.

"Armani Code" body lotion that I got in a set for I think it was Christmas but I am not sure. It smelled nice but took forever to soak into my skin. Brrr. Next to it we have some Diadermine make up remover wipes. I don't really like them. They're kinda dry and the smell is horrible. So happy when my stock is gone. Aaaaaand - drumroll please - a lipgloss by Catrice called "Naturally Pink". I even removed the stopper to get everything out of it. I am not sure if they still make this particular one but if so: I need it.

Perfume sample from "Alien" by Thierry Mugler. Smelled okay but won't purchase the full size of it. YAY for new clear up strips by Nivea :) Love the nose ones since they really do help in reducing the pores. Last but not least we have another body lotion that I got in a set. Same with the other one: it takes forever to soak in.. :(


  1. How did you like the blur cream by L'Oréal? Is it a good product? :)

    1. I love it! It's really minimizing my pores BUT it leaves a little residue on your face which makes it feel a bit "slimy" :P

    2. Haha okay ;) Still gotta use up my POREfessional anyway :)