Hey Lovelies!
I figured it's time to do another make up graveyard post for you :) I have quite a few things that I want to get rid off :) Let's go:

OPI polish in "Fresh Frog of Bel Air". I think I already showed you this one but back then I decided to give it a second chance. But now I'm completely over it! A "stay all day" creamy eyeshadow by essence. This is the color "coppy right" and it's a gorgeous copper color. It has completely dried so I can't use it anymore. And I feel back in love again with my Dream Matte mousse make up by Maybelline. This jar has been open for I think 3 years and my skin had the worst breakout ever! So I decided to get rid of it. But I will definitely buy a new one ;) A lipstick by P2 called "Pont Neuf". I guess this is what you call a "Kylie Jenner lip color". Meh. It's not looking good on me. And a babylips in "peach kiss". It smells horrible and it gives you a weird brown shimmer. Bye bye!

A Hema eyebrow gel. This is horrible. I don't even know how to describe you this color. Two pencils that I get rid of: One by Galitzine (I think this one is from Italy - from years ago!) and seriously I don't even know what to do with it. It's too hard for my waterline & too dark for my eyebrows. The other one is by essence and is called "coolest chick". It's purple which is actually great but as soon as I applied it on my waterline, my eyes were stinging. :( And a syoss dry shampoo. I will give you a full review on it ;)

My "Hypnôse Star" mascara by Lancôme. Loved it but it has dried up :( Unfortunately. I also do love my "Eau de teint" by Maybelline. But it's just too dark for me :( And that definitely sucks :(

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