I'd like to thank Medcoll for providing me with samples. It was a pleasure working with you <3

One box is filled with 60 pills. Given the fact you're supposed to take 2 per day (while eating) it's enough for one whole month.

One big plus: they're not tested on animals and they're kosher. Plus they contain no sugar, prabens or chemicals.

Now you probably wonder: What are they supposed to do? Well they're supposed to boost your collagen and to renew your skin. That helps to reduce your wrinkles / fine lines and gives you a better, more radiant look.

I also found that it helped me from breaking out that much. Of course apart from the "time of a month" zits I had nothing on my face for the whole 4 weeks I used these pills.

This pictures was taken before I started the supplements. (Please don't mind the leftover make up and undone brows) You can see my skin is aging. Well not really aging but I have some lines under my eyes.

This is a pic from my Instagram. After one week of using Medcoll. You can see my skin clearly looks better and you can barely see my fine under eye lines :)


I really enjoyed taking these pills. They made my skin look healthier and radiant. I also like the fact that it has some vitamins in which made me feel a bit fitter. (I tend to sit at my laptop a lot and rarely go out for a walk - actually only to walk my dog). I can highly recommend these products to you if you want some good looking skin :)

TQIIT approved - I guess ;)

You can find them online over HERE <3 

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